Leave Staffing Burnout Behind

In a 2022 survey, 87% of nurses are reporting burn-out and 90% are looking to quit for a new profession
or retire by 2023. HourHealth is an on-demand marketplace where nurses can find flexible work.

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Command Your Career

Cut out the middleman and take your career into your own hands. Our platform provides alternate avenue to pick up on demand hourly work with higher pay by negotiating directly with top paying healthcare organizations.

Earn More with our 1% Plan

At HourHealth we believe happy nurses deliver better care. Join a competitive environment where top-paying healthcare organizations negotiate directly with you and puts more money in your pocket. Our
1% plan allows you to earn extra income on every hour you worked on our platform as well as earn 1% on any income of any nurse referred to us.

Set Your Own Schedule

Gone are the days of waiting for your employer to post your next month’s schedule in the break room or being sent home due to a lack of patients. Work less and earn more with access to flexible work. We put nurses in the driver’s seat of your career with ability to turn app on and off providing you with work-life balance.

Why HourHealth?

We exist to improve the quality of life for the nurses we serve. Looking to work flexible hours and earn more as a nurse, but not sure how best to go about it? Good news! HourHealth, has you covered with our new payment system that lets you negotiate your hourly rate directly with healthcare organizations in real time! And your earnings don’t stop there — because, with HourHealth, you’ll also receive additional passive income for making referrals.

Here’s how it works: For every person you refer, you’ll
receive 1 percent of any income they earned on our platform; additionally, each nurse working with us earns an extra 1 percent for every completed shift. It’s a win-win! Why? Because HourHealth was created by a nurse for nurses; we understand nurses’ pain points, we know happy nurses deliver better care! Come and join our family to make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve!

For Nursing Professionals (ARNP, RN, LPN, CNA)

At HourHealth, we believe in empowering nursing professionals to take control of their careers and lives. With our innovative app, you can cut out the middlemen and find high-paying shifts directly from healthcare organizations. Our platform offers a range of benefits and tools to help you achieve your goals, including greater flexibility, earning potential, and control over your schedule.


To learn more about how HourHealth can benefit your career and quality of life, click the button below. Take the first step towards a brighter future today!

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For Healthcare Organizations

Improve on Your Clinician–Patient Ratio

Are you looking to fill open shifts in your facility? At HourHealth, you will have access to nurses and negotiate directly with credentialed nursing professionals on our tech-interface platform to fill your open shifts in real time. Connect with us to learn more about easing staff burn out amongst your team and see improvement on your margins

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Frequently Asked Questions

For now, we are working with all nursing professionals: If you are an ARNP, RN, LPN/LVN or a CNA we invite you to join our team to advance your career.

We are starting in Illinois and Indiana where our leaders have over 100 years of combined experience as both clinicians and executives in the healthcare  industry with knowledge of the local market. As nurses you will have a say in our next location; we have big plans to expand city-by-city driven by demand from all our nursing professionals (Nurses, LPN/LVN and CNA). Be sure to join our waiting list to ensure your city is NEXT!


More Questions and Answers Coming Soon…

We are loading more questions and answers, feel free to contact us for any additional questions that cannot wait.

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